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Low Cost Spay & Neuter

To help stop the pet overpopulation crisis at its source, ARF's Spay & Neuter Clinic opens its doors to community pets for high-quality, affordable spay and neuter services. ARF's compassionate and experienced veterinarians and technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to surgically sterilize thousands of dogs and cats each year using the highest standards of care.

Spaying or neutering your pet prevents unwanted litters and eases the burden faced by overcrowded animal shelters. Altering can also help dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives by lowering the risk of reproductive-related health problems and reducing undesirable behaviors driven by the urge to mate, such as marking, spraying, or roaming. 

Appointment Hours

Mondays and Wednesdays: Drop off 7:30-8 am, Pick-up same day 4-5 pm. All services are by appointment only; no drop-in services are available.


Please read Spay & Neuter Requirements and call (925) 296-3125 to leave a message. A volunteer will call back within three business days to schedule an appointment. 

Patient Information Form

Fill out the Patient Information Form and bring it to your scheduled appointment.


 Female (Spay)

 Male (Neuter)

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes
Chihuauas and Chihuahua mixes
Dogs under 50 lbs.
Dogs 50-99 lbs. 
Dogs 100-120 lbs.

Additional charges may apply to non-standard surgeries or additional services: In heat $50; Pregnant $100; Cryptorchid males $75 - $150; Brachycephalic dog breeds $150; Umbilical hernia repair $100; Microchip $39 + tax; E-Collar $15.

Credit or debit card and cash are accepted and payment is due at the time of services. No checks, please.

ARF's veterinarian may disqualify any animal if they determine the animal is not medically sound for surgery.


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