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ARF Youth Programs Allergy and Medical Policies

Parents/guardians of youth program participants will be required to sign waivers covering the following policies.

Allergy Policy

ARF's facility contains allergens which may cause an allergic reaction whether by consumption, inhalation, or direct or indirect contact with skin.  These include, but are not limited to, food allergens (peanuts, peanut butter, dairy products, eggs, etc.) and pet allergens (dander, saliva, etc.).  Event participants, parents, and guardians concerned with allergies should be aware of this risk.  ARF does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to items one may come in contact with while at ARF.

ARF staff and volunteers are not trained to administer EpiPens.  To ensure that medication required for my child is administered as required, parents should make sure their child is trained in the administration of his/her medication(s).

Zoonotic Disease Policy

ARF youth program participants may be interacting with animals belonging to ARF and/or its staff, volunteers or affiliates with adult supervision. Even under the best of circumstances, animals may be unpredictable, may bite or scratch, and may transmit zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic indicates disease that can be spread between animals and people and vice versa including, but not limited to, ringworm, rabies, and tick-borne illness.

ARF does not knowingly use animals with contagious conditions in programming. In some cases, a healthy animal may demonstrate symptoms after an interaction, in which case we notify anyone who may have come into contact with this animal as soon as possible.

Prior to participating in any youth program, parent/guardians must sign a waiver releasing ARF from all responsibility of a bite, scratch, or transmission of a zoonotic disease that may result from a youth programs animal interaction.  

Medication Policy

Parent/guardians must inform staff of any prescription or non-prescription medication your child will be self-administering during the hours they are participating in an ARF youth program.

ARF staff is not authorized to administer medication; however staff can retrieve refrigerated medication for your child. Medication which does not require refrigeration can be kept in child's backpack.

Tetanus Policy

ARF feels it is important for all youth program participants to be current on their tetanus vaccination, particularly if they will be handling animals. If a parent or guardian has questions about the tetanus vaccination, he or she is encouraged to consult a physician, at his or her own expense, to decide whether or not to be vaccinated against tetanus.

If you have questions or concerns about these policies, please contact [email protected] or (925) 296-3142.

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